• “Outer Voices Inner Lives” Literary Collection

    Outer Voices Inner Lives cover

    by Stephen Dolainski. Just in time for holiday gift-giving and fireside reading—Outer Voices Inner Lives, a new collection of 16 LGBTQ writers over 50, with a foreword by Patricia Nell Warren (The Front Runner, The Fancy Dancer, and more). The collection of stories and personal recollections was co-edited by Mark McNease (editor, lgtbsr.org) and me, […]

  • Tattoo Me

    my tattoo

    by Stephen Dolainski I got my first tattoo. At age 66. Not surprisingly, the news caught some of my friends (actually, most of them) off-guard. A tattoo? Of what? Where on your body? Why? Yes. A mandala. Left shoulder. Why not? I’d been thinking about getting a tattoo for several months. (I don’t rush into […]

  • A Talk about Gardens

    lush garden

    An Essay by David Masello. Something happened at Johnny’s memorial service that I was never able to speak about with anyone else who had been there. The other people gathered that day in Johnny’s living room—which had become his death room—are no longer friends or acquaintances. Sometimes, these many years later, I question the occurrences […]

  • Sheila Kuhl Wins LA County Supervisor Seat


    UPDATE: Sheila Kuhl defeated Kennedy-clan scion Bobby Shriver to win a seat on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. Kuhl, who was the first openly-gay member of California legislature when she was elected to the state assembly in 1994, will now sit on one of the most powerful governing agencies in the state. Earlier […]

  • Thanksgiving for Caregivers


    by Stephen Dolainski Thanksgiving week conjures up some strong and not-so-happy memories for me. Five years ago, my mother died the day before Thanksgiving. (That may have been her bitterly ironic way of reminding us that Thanksgiving was never her favorite holiday.) But when I think about the three-plus years preceding her death—commuting from Los […]


  1. Christopher Gaynor
    - Reply

    Outer Voices Inner Lives
    A Collection of LGBTQ Writers over 50

    Edited by Mark McNease and Stephen Dolainski
    Foreword by Patricia Nell Warren

    I am not a writer or a literary critic, but I am over 50 (in fact I am 70) and an avid reader, so I feel safe in recommending Outer Voices Inner Lives. From the tender- sweet and lovely story of Gussie (78 years old) and Mackie (the cat) in her tiny but perfect house between the rail line and the street in The Tracks, to the oddity of nineteen-year-old Charlie and his drugged out friends and their chance encounter with something out of this world in Stop the Car by co-editor Mark McNease, this collection of stories by LGBTQ writers over 50 is to be savored. Kudos to co-editor Stephen Dolainski and McNease for giving us quality and variety. Every LGBTQ bookshelf should include this volume. I will look forward to Volume II.
    Christopher Gaynor

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