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    Store_Mannequin (2)

    Billy Stevenson, iCandee Marketing. Located in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood, iCandee Marketing is an LGBT-owned and operated promotional products marketing firm. iCandee specializes in customized promotional products, specialized advertising, corporate incentives and corporate/team apparel. We “spoke” (via email) with Billy Stevenson, 44, one of iCandee’s founders, to get his take on marketing to the LGBT community, […]

  • Featured Writer: Larry Buffington

    authentic living

    “Hello I’m Here” by Larry Buffington. Doesn’t anyone hear me or see me anymore? What happened? Did time weave some ghostly web around me? When did I become invisible on the street, in the market, the theatre, the bar, the restaurant, the metro? Everywhere. Do I frighten you? Mirror of lost youth. No more flirtations. […]

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    Prince cover

    The Prince of Los Cocuyos: A Miami Childhood by Richard Blanco I was about halfway through Hillary Clinton’s Hard Choices when I put it aside, not so much because it’s a bit of a slog to read, but because a book I’d ordered from Amazon had arrived—Richard Blanco’s Prince of Los Cocuyos (fireflies). And I’m […]

  • Obits


    I’ve been reading the obituaries more often lately. And not just of famous people, but of ordinary citizens whose claim to fame was long life, of immigrant parents who worked tirelessly to support their families, of teachers who championed their students, of Beverly Hills socialites who devoted their time to raising money to support their […]

  • Have You Seen This?

    Key West Rianbow Crossway

    Rainbow Crosswalks. Key West has long been a colorful and popular gay-friendly vacation spot. Well, it’s main drag, Duval Street, just got a bit more colorful with the recent installation of rainbow crosswalks at Duval and Petronia streets. Read more in the LGBTQNATION report.   Gay Liberation. Writing in the Washington Blade, Joey DiGulielmo reminds […]


  1. Christopher Gaynor
    - Reply

    Outer Voices Inner Lives
    A Collection of LGBTQ Writers over 50

    Edited by Mark McNease and Stephen Dolainski
    Foreword by Patricia Nell Warren

    I am not a writer or a literary critic, but I am over 50 (in fact I am 70) and an avid reader, so I feel safe in recommending Outer Voices Inner Lives. From the tender- sweet and lovely story of Gussie (78 years old) and Mackie (the cat) in her tiny but perfect house between the rail line and the street in The Tracks, to the oddity of nineteen-year-old Charlie and his drugged out friends and their chance encounter with something out of this world in Stop the Car by co-editor Mark McNease, this collection of stories by LGBTQ writers over 50 is to be savored. Kudos to co-editor Stephen Dolainski and McNease for giving us quality and variety. Every LGBTQ bookshelf should include this volume. I will look forward to Volume II.
    Christopher Gaynor

  2. Linda
    - Reply

    I love this sight, it provides me with so much insight, stories, news, and at the same time, I too one day will write my own stories to share. I don’t have to worry about being sexy, a certain height, income, or job criteria. Just me, doing what I love best…sharing stories, and reading stories of life, love, politics, rights, family, and most of all, issues of growing older each and every day…

  3. Steve Blue
    - Reply

    So glad I found this site! Somehow I found the link on Facebook…”Liked” it there…sent out requests to friends. ThenI clicked on the website link. It’s like “Growing Bolder” for the rainbow community. Love what I see so far! Thanks!

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