• LGBT Cancer Risks

    ACS at LA Pride

    Questions for . . .David Morse, Volunteer, American Cancer Society, member of California LGBT Team. LGBT Americans face unique cancer risks, according the American Cancer Society. As part of its outreach to the LGBT community, the ACS has participated in Pride events around the country to bring attention to cancer risks in the LGBT population. […]

  • Mark’s Cafe Moi


    A Word on Forgetting, Before I Forget. By Mark McNease. You’ve had this conversation before, probably recently: Your co-worker, family member or friend asks you some variation of the question, “Did you wash my bowl in the sink?” (Or, did you take my pen, my keys, my cell phone, or some other object I swear […]

  • Rainbow Spotlight

    Chris 2013

    Christopher Gaynor. At 70 years old, Chris Gaynor works tirelessly to honor and support veterans on Vashon Island, Washington, where he lives with his husband, Paul, and their menagerie of sheep, horses, chickens, and dogs. A veteran of Vietnam, Chris deals with Parkinson’s disease, the result of exposure to Agent Orange during the war, he […]

  • Love to Love You, Baby!


    Our New York friend, Rob Frydlewicz, takes us back to the Disco Era with a piece about Giorgio Moroder’s new release, Déjà vu, his first in 25 years.

  • Whither Cursive?

    cursive 2

    by Stephen Dolainski. My mother, Margaret, had beautiful penmanship. It was painful to watch as her handwriting deteriorated as she aged, suffered a stroke and gradually declined in health. Recently I found her ninth-grade autograph book (she finished ninth grade in 1937 in New Milford, New Jersey) buried at the bottom of a box full […]

  • Have You Seen This?


    LGBT and Cyber Security. Writing in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Wesley Juhl takes a look at how LGBT visibility—and acceptance—has noticeably increased in the cyber security world.     Rainbow Crosswalks. Key West has long been a colorful and popular gay-friendly vacation spot. Well, it’s main drag, Duval Street, just got a bit more colorful […]


  1. Christopher Gaynor
    - Reply

    Outer Voices Inner Lives
    A Collection of LGBTQ Writers over 50

    Edited by Mark McNease and Stephen Dolainski
    Foreword by Patricia Nell Warren

    I am not a writer or a literary critic, but I am over 50 (in fact I am 70) and an avid reader, so I feel safe in recommending Outer Voices Inner Lives. From the tender- sweet and lovely story of Gussie (78 years old) and Mackie (the cat) in her tiny but perfect house between the rail line and the street in The Tracks, to the oddity of nineteen-year-old Charlie and his drugged out friends and their chance encounter with something out of this world in Stop the Car by co-editor Mark McNease, this collection of stories by LGBTQ writers over 50 is to be savored. Kudos to co-editor Stephen Dolainski and McNease for giving us quality and variety. Every LGBTQ bookshelf should include this volume. I will look forward to Volume II.
    Christopher Gaynor

  2. Linda
    - Reply

    I love this sight, it provides me with so much insight, stories, news, and at the same time, I too one day will write my own stories to share. I don’t have to worry about being sexy, a certain height, income, or job criteria. Just me, doing what I love best…sharing stories, and reading stories of life, love, politics, rights, family, and most of all, issues of growing older each and every day…

  3. Steve Blue
    - Reply

    So glad I found this site! Somehow I found the link on Facebook…”Liked” it there…sent out requests to friends. ThenI clicked on the website link. It’s like “Growing Bolder” for the rainbow community. Love what I see so far! Thanks!

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